St. Patrick’s Cathedral

Obviously not the best photographer, but I was walking past St. Patrick’s Cathedral the other day and had to take a look inside! I love the arches and all of the detail, amazing architecture in NYC! Here are some of the pictures I was able to get!


A Summer Away From Home

And so my internship begins…

This was my first week interning at Osborne & Little and so far so good! I am currently only working Monday-Wednesday as I plan on trying to find some sort of part time job to help compensate for all the spending I will be doing here in NYC! I realize as I started to write this post it would be nice if I actually had some insider photos to explain what I have done so far…I will have to keep that in mind for next week. Besides spending hours on end going through their showroom to familiarize myself with their product, I was able to assist the sales manager with a client who needed a similar fabric to one she liked. She actually had pulled an Osborne & Little fabric that was discontinued and wanted a similar pattern/color scheme that would be used for drapery to fit in her beach home. At first it was hard to block out my own opinions of what I would think would be amazing in a beach house setting…but after pulling about 6-7 samples that closely resembled the original, we ended up with two that we thought the client would like and that was pretty close to her original fabric design.

I really enjoyed scampering around the showroom searching for something that was going to be used in a real life situation. Prior to yesterday I had been flipping through architectural digest and doing the same scenario with fabrics or wall coverings that I could find that were similar. When its real, I’ll admit its kinda like an adrenaline rush. I was actually thrilled to go and find something that a client could potentially use in their home.

The first week was basically a “learn the product” week, which is a must especially if I am going to deal with clients and their needs. What I am really hoping for in the upcoming weeks is to understand a little bit more of the business aspect of it. I want to understand what goes on behind the scenes, what each employee (theres only a total of 7) does and their contributions to help run the company and get involved in some of their projects.

One of the sales reps who went to school for interior design has mentioned a few of their ongoing projects, specifically the St. Regis in Cairo! Although they have plenty of clients that use their elegant and quite expensive products for residential purposes, they are also used for many hospitality projects. I noticed on one of their sheets places like Tiffany & Co., W Hotels and a few other big names were clients of theirs! I am hoping I can go on some runs with the sales rep to see what all they do!

I am so excited for this summer and the things I will learn! I will do my best to update my blog as much as possible to share my experience here in New York City.

Money Money Money!

The Bank of America Tower is by far my favorite building in NYC! My boyfriend works a block from it, just across Bryant park and the NYC Library and I get to walk by it every time I am in town! I absolutely love their lobby and how the building meets the street. The view from 42nd street into the first floor is spectacular! Not only does the towers’ facade intrigue me with its angled curtain walls, but the contrast of the materials used in the interior creates a warm and inviting environment for its’ users. I checked out the architects website (Cook+Fox Architects) and they have a wonderful informative video on the building that everyone should watch. Since I will be in New York all summer I am hoping that I will be able to explore the tower a bit more and maybe even sneak a few pics! But in the meantime here are a few pictures of this handsome skyscraper!

Less is More

Last semester in studio, we were assigned a project where we had to design a 240 sq. ft. home. It was called the “Less is More House” and it was a bit of a struggle at first trying to figure out the spatial layout while accommodating for the client that would live there. It’s funny how when you need examples the most you never can find them but once you’re done they pop up all over the place. Just after turning in the project I found so many teeny tiny houses on pinterest and all over the internet. I’ve recently found a few that would have really inspired my projects had I seen them beforehand.

Check them out!

The Schwimmhaus by German Architects Confused-Direction

Built from recycled barnboard


L41 House (220 sq. ft.) – Architect Michael Katz and designer Janet Corne

Bond, James Bond

I stumbled upon a website that features architecture from Bond films and had to share some of the photos. I love Bond movies, especially the ones with Pierce Brosnan, although Daniel Craig is pretty desirable in the new ones as well…tough but I think I’ll take both! 😉

Here’s the link to the website I got these off of for more pictures: The Most Stunning Architecture Found in James Bond Films